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St. Teresa's Primary School Lurgan, Lurgan, Co Armagh

Accelerated Reader

We recognised that although children were reading freely and choosing books from the library, children weren’t always reading at the correct challenging level and some children were reluctant to read and occasionally lacked motivation. The benefits of reading an appropriately complex book are clear: children encounter new vocabulary, are able to link their reading to wider experiences and contexts and use and apply learned reading skills at the correct level of challenge. Accelerated Reader guides pupils to read texts that are of their interest, maturity and reading level. This is immediately more motivating for children and Accelerated Reader’s research shows that children who read books daily that fit these criteria, develop at a greater rate.  We recognise that reading skills and ability can underpin a child’s achievement in education. We aim to use Accelerated Reader for this and to develop a lifelong love of reading in our pupils.